30 DAY OTP Challenge.

Day 02: Cuddling somewhere.





So I was derping about on one of the MvM maps

Good job Solly


that second one…with all the attempts…oh god immah cry. soldier you’re precious!!


also running out of room to finish a word cos you made the letters too big is something I do all the time on the work chalkboard >:’V I FEEL YOUR PAIN SOLLY, BABE.

ha i just realized

I think HEAD :( TERS is him thinking to do the ends first- the beginning of the sign and the end of the sign and then meet in the middle, and there’s a sadface when he realized he was still going to run out of space lol

AHHH solly you cutey thats really too sweet and somewhat sad.


global shipping global.

He was all like “finally doing one right now I just….DAMNIT”




uh oh

Nutty’s one of THOSE shippers

no but real talk i’m really happy all nine classes fit snugly into each quadrant so well and no one’s left out yayyayyay

side note: pyro<>engie

TF2 quadrant shipping, heck yes!



Easily the best SFM video I’ve ever seen.

reminds me a lot of Spy vs. Spy

The ending is definitely the best part.

I wonder how they made it. And how long it took em.

Medic, you spent the whole round getting ready in respawn; you’re like a girl on date night; Medic stop being a girl.

Every Class is Different - By: The Spy


Every class is different.

No two classes are the same.

Some classes are very fast. quick little bunnies.

Scout is very fast. literally a bastard.

Some classes wear helmets. are batshit insane.

Soldier wears a helmet. should be institutionalized.

Some classes set people on fire. SET PEOPLE ON FIRE.

Pyro is a sets people on fire. is a soul-less monster.

Some classes use grenades. have rigged the enemy base with explosives!

Demoman uses grenades. has not. He was too drunk.

Some classes use big guns and have lots of HP. are grossly obese.

Heavy has a big gun and lots of HP. is going to die of heart disease.

Some classes build things. ridiculously overpowered guns.

Engineer builds things. is compensating for something.

Some classes heal people. are sadistic ex-Nazis.

The Medic heals people. hacks people apart for ‘science’.

Some classes are polite.

Some classes are efficient.

Sniper is polite and efficient. throws piss at people and lives in a van.

Some classes are very sneaky. sleeping with your mother.

Spy is very sneaky. a dashing rogue.

Every class is different.

No two classes are the same. not actually spy.


Perfect. <3

Too adorable not to reblog.

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cricketslip - “Stupid douchebag Medic! You’re supposed to heal HEAVIES ALWAYS even we AREN’T HURT because we’re HEAVIES and we deserve it! And Uber us, too! Always!”

Actually, sometimes I go to pocket a more skilled Soldier/Demo instead of the Heavy, and it’s the SOLDIER that tells me to go heal the Heavy. Gah?


Put me down…bitte..

Win. XD

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